Carpet Removal in Satellite Beach / Melbourne Florida

We recently completed a carpet removal project for a client in Satellite Beach, FL. The client needed to prepare their home for new flooring, and the first step was to remove the old, worn-out carpet and padding. Our team of experts took on the job and successfully completed it to the client’s satisfaction, despite facing some unique challenges.

Job Details

The project involved removing old carpet and padding from three bedrooms and the living room of the client’s home. The client needed the carpet removed so they could prepare the space for new flooring. However, there was one major challenge: all of the furniture was still in the rooms, including a bed, couch, heavy TV stand, piano, and table.

Our team used specialized tools and techniques to carefully move the furniture and remove the carpet and padding. We worked with the client to ensure that the furniture was protected during the process, and that everything was put back in its original place once the job was completed.

The job was completed on March 23rd, 2023, and the client was happy with the results. The space was now ready for the new flooring installation.


Removing carpet and padding can be a challenging task on its own, but adding the task of moving heavy furniture made it even more challenging. Our team had to be extra careful during the process to ensure that the furniture was not damaged and that the carpet and padding were removed completely.

To accomplish this, we used specialized equipment to carefully lift and move each piece of furniture. We also used protective materials, such as blankets and plastic covers, to ensure that the furniture was not damaged during the process.

Despite the challenges, our team was able to complete the job efficiently and to the client’s satisfaction.

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