Backyard Wood Fence Removal in Altamonte Springs, FL

wood fence removal altamonte springs, fl

We recently completed a wood fence removal project for a client in Altamonte Springs, FL. The client had an old fence bolted to their house that needed to be removed safely and efficiently. Our team of experts took on the job and successfully completed it to the client’s satisfaction.

Job Details

The project involved removing an old wood fence that was bolted to the house. We used specialized tools and techniques to ensure that the fence was removed without causing any damage to the house or surrounding area. The job was completed on March 17th, 2023 and the client was happy with the results.


Removing a fence that is bolted to a house can be tricky, and this project was no exception. Our team had to use a sawzall and grinder to safely cut through the fence posts and hardware, ensuring that no nails were left behind and that the area was left clean and safe. Despite the challenges, our team was able to complete the job efficiently and to the client’s satisfaction.

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