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Boynton Beach, FL

Junk Removal Experts

Are you looking for a professional and safe junk removal service? G’s Junk Removal is your local and eco-friendly solution to your house, office, storage, garage, or property junk removal needs.

We are here to help you get rid of all your bulk junk today. We cover real estate clean-ups, estate clean-outs, storage space clear-outs, apartment complex junk removal, hoarding clean-ups, light demolition, shed removals and more.

Junk Removal Services in Boynton Beach, FL

Are you drowning in clutter and needing a fresh, organized space in your home or office? Look no further, as G’s Junk Removal in Boynton Beach, FL, is here to rescue you from the chaos! As the leading junk removal service in Florida, we guarantee quick and dependable solutions at budget-friendly rates.

Our highly-skilled professionals are adept at handling almost all types of junk removal tasks, from big jobs to smaller jobs. From residential and commercial cleanouts to construction debris disposal and appliance removal, we have got you covered.

Get Rid of Your Junk in Boynton Beach Florida

Is your home overflowing with clutter and unnecessary items? Allow us to help you take control over your space! Our top-notch residential junk removal services encompass furniture disposal, appliance removal, and general junk removal. We also offer comprehensive full-house cleanouts for those moments when a complete overhaul is necessary.

Items We Remove/Cleanout

Commercial Junk Removal – Offices, Warehouses and more!

Need to declutter an office, warehouse, or any other commercial space? We have got your back! Our outstanding commercial junk removal services include office furniture disposal, electronics recycling, and construction waste removal. We work swiftly and efficiently to ensure minimal disruption to your operations.

Construction & Remodeling Debris Removal in Boynton Beach

Are you a contractor or builder seeking reliable construction debris removal? With our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, we are equipped to handle most projects. Our team excels at clearing debris from demolition sites, new construction zones, and renovation projects.

Responsibly Dispose of Your Old Appliances

Struggling with outdated appliances that need proper disposal? Let us handle it! Our team is proficient in safely and eco-friendly disposing of refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, and more.

Our Boynton Beach Junk Removal Pricing

At G’s Junk Removal, we base our pricing on volume, which is determined by the amount of space your items occupy in one of our trailers. Our trailers are equivalent to about six pickup truck loads. Pricing starts at a minimum of $125 and progresses through 12 different price points, reaching a full trailer load priced between $450 and $550+. This range depends on the type of materials and their location.

To obtain an accurate estimate, we can send one of our trucks for an on-site quote or you can text pictures to 321-408-9386 for a preliminary quote.

Please note that pricing may vary depending on job difficulty.
We offer our lowest rate for curb-side pickups, where debris is already piled up and easily accessible for loading. This allows us to provide the best possible rate.

Construction debris pricing is slightly higher than household trash debris pricing.

Demolition Services and Pricing in Boynton Beach FL

We also offer specialized demolition services, with pricing as follows:

  1. Hot Tub Removal: Standard above-ground hot tub removal ranges from $400 to $550, depending on size. If the hot tub is hardwired to electricity, it must be disconnected before removal. We recommend hiring an electrician to disconnect and “safe off” the wires before our arrival.
  2. Deck Removal: Deck removal jobs vary significantly, making standard pricing impossible. Our minimum price for any deck job is $400. We can remove 4×4 posts at an additional charge or cut them at the base at no extra cost. For a preliminary quote, please text us a picture.
  3. Shed Removal: Prices start at $450 for sheds removals and the max size we can remove is 100 sq ft. For a preliminary quote, please text us pictures of both the interior and exterior of the shed.
  4. Wooden Playset and Swing Set Removal: Pricing for a typical-sized set starts at $450. Quotes can be provided in person or by texting us a picture.
  5. Above Ground Swimming Pool Removal: The pool pump must be disconnected from electricity before removal. Pricing starts at $550 for regular-sized, empty pools with easy access.

Experience the unparalleled service of G’s Junk Removal in Boynton Beach, FL, and let us help you create a clutter-free environment.

Why G’s Junk Removal is the Ultimate Choice

With numerous junk removal services to choose from, G’s Junk Removal in Boynton Beach, FL, stands out for several reasons:

    • Fast and trustworthy service
    • Cost-effective pricing
    • Experienced and professional team
    • Extensive range of services
    • Environmentally conscious disposal practices

At G’s Junk Removal, we take immense pride in our work and are dedicated to offering exceptional service to our clients. We recognize that every junk removal project is distinctive, which is why we collaborate with you to develop a tailored plan that addresses your specific requirements.

Get Started with G’s Junk Removal Today

Eager to embark on your journey towards a clutter-free life? Contact G’s Junk Removal in Boynton Beach, FL, today! Our team is readily available to address any inquiries and provide a complimentary quote. Let us assist you in reclaiming your space and getting rid of that unwanted junk for good.

Junk Removal Projects in Boynton Beach, FL

Get in touch with us today for professional junk removal services in Boynton Beach, FL. Contact us to schedule an appointment or to request a quote.


1. What types of items can G’s Junk Removal take?

We handle a wide range of items, including lawn mower removal, property cleanouts, swingset and playset removal, TV disposal, and more. Please note that we do not remove hazardous substances.

2. Do you offer curb side pickups?

Yes, we offer our lowest rate for curb side pickups, where you already have the debris piled up where we can just back up to the pile and load.

3. How does G’s Junk Removal determine pricing?

Our pricing is based on the volume of items you need to be removed, with rates starting at $125. Pricing varies depending on the type of materials and the location of the items. For an on-site quote, please contact us or send a picture for a soft quote at 321-408-9386.

4. What is the process for scheduling a junk removal service?

Contact G’s Junk Removal today, and within 15-30 minutes, we’ll determine if we’re the right fit for your needs. We’ll discuss the specifics of your project and provide an accurate estimate for the cost of the service.

5. How soon can you complete a junk removal job?

We aim to provide prompt and efficient service, typically completing jobs within a few days of your initial contact. However, scheduling may vary depending on our availability and the scope of the project.

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