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Swimming Pool Removal services in Altamonte Springs, FL


There’re various reasons why you may want your swimming pool removed from your backyard. One, it can be the unsightly look it’s creating in your yard, especially if it’s an old one. Secondly, if you just moved into a new home, you may find it located weirdly in the yard; hence you may want to remove it. Maintaining the pool can also turn to be a huge expense such that you’re not willing to keep it anymore.
Regardless of the reason pushing you to remove your above-ground swimming pool, you need to know that it’s not an easy task and attempting it can drain all your time and energy.

Our team of debris removal experts has the right skills and tools to safely demolish and remove your pool and/or pool deck, freeing up your yard.  We’re the perfect removal solution if, for any reason, you no longer need your above-ground swimming pool in your yard.

What’s included in our above-ground swimming pool removal service?

Pool removal
This is our main service, where we come and demolish your above-ground pool, hot tubs, or spas.

Regardless of where these above-ground water features are located, we’ll professionally remove, haul and properly dispose them.

Our team shows up on time and engages you through the entire process to ensure that all your needs are fulfilled. We ensure that no damage is caused to other structures in your yard during the pool removal and we leave everything just as we found it.

Deck removal
If a deck surrounds your pool, just send us a picture of it and we’ll send you an obligation-free estimate. Once we gather enough information, we can discuss on a more conclusive cost estimate and schedule for the removal. We’ll disassemble your deck and the pool, clear everything and properly haul and dispose it away.

If you don’t have time to drain the pool, we can do it for you for a small additional fee. We like to start the removal process when everything is nice and dry.

What’s not included in our pool removal service?
Due to the heavy excavation needed, we don’t do inground pool removal. For now, we limit ourselves to pools above the ground.

What should I expect when my pool is removed?
Primarily, we will remove the unwanted swimming pool and the deck if need be and do the best to clean up everything. You should expect your yard to be freed up but not completely transformed. If you need to alter the landscape, we advise you to hire a landscaping contractor.

Reach out to us and get rid of your old above-ground swimming pool, tub or spa, and other related junk today.

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